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The Photography Studies College Masters programme is underway and our students are currently working with their Mentors – a unique part of the programme where we pair students up with high-profile photographers in Australia and internationally for an extended period of time to help them with their projects. This semester our Mentors include: Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan), Melinda Gibson (UK), Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore), Rohan Hutchison (Australia), Mathieu Asselin (France/Venezuela).Over the next few weeks we will be featuring each one of our Mentors, and telling you more about their work.

Master Of Arts Photography Info Night 9 May 2018

Our Masters Of Arts Photography is well underway. This week we are featuring international photographer, Robert Zhao Renhui who is one of our many prominent and renowned Mentors working with each of our Masters students. Join us on Wednesday 9 May, 6.30pm for our Masters Info Night. Register today.


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